Romona Goines

Ms. Romona Goines

Head shot of Ms. Goines

Part of the "magic" in our success at Washington is directly connected with maintaining smaller classrooms. I lovingly refer to Washington Alternative Learning Center as an academic triage unit where we search for pulses and strive to keep them going. The culture of our learning center fosters hope by giving students another chance. My colleagues and I provide options for students who thought they had no options. Each school year is a journey not a destination. Our approach is never a "less than competitive" educational experience, but rather an approach that is tailored. We pride ourselves on respect, relationships, relevance to the real world, and being a place where students can become re-engaged. Alternative schools often get a bad reputation. Some often assume that our students are troublemakers who don't want to learn or don't have the motivation to try. Some even assume the teachers work in alternative settings as a punishment or because they can't find work elsewhere. In reality, I enjoy facilitating instruction at Washington. Primarily, I facilitate instruction for Language Arts and Social Studies for grades sixth, seventh and eighth. At times, I am afforded opportunities to use my expertise to support students in high school as well. I feel that I truly make a difference in students' lives by working diligently to help them carve out brighter futures for themselves.

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