Referral Admittance to Washington Alternative
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Tuesday, October 04, 2016



Referral admittance procedures for students recommended to the Alternative center are as follows:

*Students considered for Alternative center placement may be referred by any                                        of the following:


1.      Principal

2.      Zone Discipline Hearing Authority Committee chairman upon hearing student appeal (Level 1)

3.      Superintendent/designee (Level 2)

4.      HamiltonCounty Board of Education (Level 3)

5.      I.E.P.-Team led by WashingtonAlternativeCenter’s lead teacher


Entrance Procedures to Washington Alternative Center


Step 1.  The home school principal notifies the Washington administration by                                                                                                                                                                   phone/e-mail indicating a desire to enroll a student.  (All phone calls                                   will be returned within 24 hours if the administrator is not available.)            WashingtonAlternativeCenter phone number is 893-3520.


Step 2.  The following points for discussion include:

·         The nature of the offense

·         Interventions attempted

·         Student schedule

·         Any related services

·         The length of time the student will be placed at the alternative center

·         An appointment time for the student and parent to meet with the Washington administration

Exceptional education student or a student suspected of a disability           

·         Exceptional ed. Lead teachers will be considered the liaison between the home school and WashingtonAlternativeCenter.  Lead teachers are considered WashingtonAlternativeCenter’s administrative designees and have gathered necessary placement and programming information needed during team discussion

** All procedures of Code of Acceptable Behavior and                                                                                                    

                              Discipline apply 


Step 3.  The home school principal will submit a written application to the alternative school along with the appropriate documentation

·         The home school will notify the parent to contact WashingtonAlternativeCenter for an intake meeting




Exceptional Education Entrance Procedures


·         Submit lead teacher referral

·         Lead teacher will review the case and make recommendations based on:

o   Behavior (IDEIA 2004 definitions)

o   Relationship of the behavior to the disability

o   The IEP and its alignment with the Functional Behavioral Assessment suggestions and other historical evidence in the file

o   Documentation of the team’s attempts to implement researched based practices to address the behavior with rehabilitative measures

o   Documentation of the fidelity of the plan to address disincentives and other factors contributing to behaviors that are likely to require removal of the student

Lead Teacher recommendations will be submitted to WALC in a collaborative conference to use in decision making in regard to applications                                                                                                   

If a placement at WALC is indicated, the home school case manager will be contacted to set up a meeting at WALC for the team to meet to determine service options

Students attending WALC will be case managed by the home school with support from teachers at WALC

WALC lead teacher will be available upon invitation for behavior and reintegration consultation


Exit Procedures to the Home School


     Step 1.   Student successful completion of the Behavior Modification 

                   System Plan or IEP plan.


     Step 2.  A meeting will be conducted at Washington Alternative

            Center with the student, parent(s), and teachers.  The 

            purpose of the meeting will be to share information

            regarding grades, attendance, and progress made,      

             interventions and strategies.  A decision will be made to

            return the student to the home school.   

   Step 3.     The school will be notified if the student’s time at

                   WALC is extended. 



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