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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Washington Alternative Learning Center (WALC) Courses 2016


Ø  All tests will be taken at WALC (Except those designed to be taken at the home school by the school or district).

Ø  Grades/Reports will be sent by email to the home school guidance department (if applicable) when the student exits the program.


Middle School:

**English, Math-Please specify, Science, Social Studies, Edgenuity, Art appreciation

All Core Courses:        Grade 6____                           Grade 7____     Grade 8____


High School:

Students will take (5) courses. It may be possible to take a sixth course by Virtual School or Credit Recovery if the course is offered at WALC and meets the criteria set by Hamilton County Schools.




History _____

Visual-Art (limited availability) _____



            Content Reading, Creative Writing and All Core Courses:

 9____                   10____                  11___                    12____


Algebra 1 (A) ___ (B) ____

                Algebra II (A) ___ (B) ____


Algebra 1 _____

                Algebra 2______

                Bridge Math____


            Environmental Science/Ecology

Physical World Concepts____

                Biology I & II____

                Chemistry (N/A) __will assists students with work sent to WALC by home school teacher only!



Social Studies

                World History & Geography ____

            U.S. History & Geography____

            Economics /Government____

            Contemporary Issues _____


Computer Applications_________

            All Edgenuity or Virtual Courses as prescribed by Hamilton County Schools

Credit Recovery Classes tailored by the home school or Washington Core Teachers


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