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  Mission Statement  



We will have a safe, clean, caring, structured environment with the appropriate emphasis on behavior and academic achievement!

  About The School  

Washington Alternative Learning Center

Washington Alternative Learning Center (WALC) is designed for students in grades 6-12 who have been suspended or expelled from the regular school setting for behavioral and zero tolerance offenses. Principal applications are also accepted for short-term 20-25 day placements (please contact the school).  Students are remanded to Washington for a specific amount of time and must fulfill "seat time" before they are allowed to return to their zoned school.  All students at Washington are at risk of school failure, some are advance, specialized (including I.E.P.) placements and technology based classes who attend Washington Alternative Learning Center until their seat time have been fulfulled.  Washington Alternative Learning Center provides assistance to all Hamilton County schools in the district. 94% of the students that attend Washington Alternative are eligible for free/reduces lunches.